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Welcome to Louisiana Press

At Louisiana Press, you can download press releases and press photos. Access to the Louisana Press requires a password, which you can request by sending an email to press@louisiana.dk

When you visit Louisiana to report on the museum, you will be asked to present a valid press pass at the entrance. If you do not have a press pass but have a work assignment at the museum, please contact Head of Press Jan Hybertz Gøricke in advance for an appointment, either by email or phone.

Louisiana's press photos may be used only in conjunction with media coverage of Louisiana and the museum's current exhibitions.
The terms of use for press photos can be found in the text accompanying the photo.
The complete caption, with credits, must accompany each photo.

You are welcome to write or call:

Head of Press Jan Hybertz Gøricke
Email: press@louisiana.dk
Mobile: +45 2858 5052